• Julia S. Cabral, LCSW

    Many of us experience difficult times in our lives and taking the step to shift our thinking and gain skills to manage these challenges is a significant choice. I believe that when working together, a therapist and client can engage in a partnership where new skills are developed, distorted attitudes and beliefs are confronted and choices made to live a stronger, more intentional life are possible.
    I have 20 years of clinical experience working with adolescents and adults with a variety of mental health and behavioral issues. Each client brings their own strengths and challenges to therapy and I offer a warm, supportive therapeutic alliance essential for achieving the client’s goals and resolution of the issues that brought them into therapy.
    I use multiple modalities and eclectic approaches in providing integrative and comprehensive treatment. I bring a sense of humor, honest communication skills, and authenticity to my clinical work. I appreciate how difficult and stressful undertaking a therapeutic journey can be and I seek to make it a safe and beneficial process for those I work with.

    Years in Practice: 18 Years
    School: University of New England School of Social Work
    Year Graduated: 2002
    License and State: 8735 Maine