• Next Level Personal Coaching

    I believe in each persons ability to reach their highest potential.

    The world needs experienced mental health counselors and the world needs dedicated success coaches too.  I have been drawn to the coaching model for many years, having implemented many of the personal coaching strategies in my own life with great outcomes.  I pursued an additional professional coaching certification through the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, the official coaching school of world-renowned Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes.  The proprietary techniques and methodologies structure our work together to achieve a specific next level for you in your life.  It will be work, and I believe it will be great fun.

    How is coaching different from therapy?

    Not everyone needs to receive help and support in a clinical counseling setting with traditional weekly talk-therapy appointments.  Simply put, in therapy, we often spend a lot of time reflecting on the past to improve your present and building towards a more stable and connected future.  Coaching begins with an intention of stronger forward momentum to bring you from your current reality, breaking through stuck patterns or thoughts and behaviors to create positive change and a next level future.

    What will coaching look like?

    The coaching model is more integrated, so while we may have regular weekly or bi-weekly strategy sessions via zoom or in person, I will also be your guide, inspiration and your bouncing board as we connect on various materials, exercises and  strategies that you will be implementing in real time so we can specifically tailor the work to meet an immediate goal.   I will be available to you for more informal check-ins, which is often the personal nature people are looking for when they are prepared for fast-paced growth.

    Coaching is designed to first prepare you for profound change and then create an action plan with true clarity on what success means to you in order to achieve it.

    What do most people come to coaching for?

    People mostly find coaching to be successful when they are truly ready to invest in themselves with time, energy, focus and finances.  For some people, this is tied to relationship success, others are working to become a more effective leader in businesses or groups.  Some coaching clients are aiming to invest in better patterns of health and fitness or to stay true to a healthy thought pattern that reduces stress.   Whatever is holding you back, and wherever you want to go, we have a plan of action to get you on the right path.