• Specialized Sexual Health Services

    The specialized Supervised Community Treatment (SCRx) programs offer a experienced and research-based approach for:

    • Sexual Offending Behavior Problems
    • Sexual Problems Before Entering the Legal System
    • Sexual Offending Risk Assessments
    • Pornography/Compulsive Behaviors and Addiction
    • Sexual Health Behavior Counseling Services

    Sexual offenses are illegal and harmful to both direct and indirect victims as well as to the community in which they occur. Part of the mission and commitment of SCRx is to keep our community safe by taking an active role in prevention and being victim advocates.
    Thus, at SCRx, we subscribe to the belief that the ultimate goal to treating individuals who have committed a sexual crime is to prevent recurrence of re-offending behaviors. We also believe, in order to create change in any individual, that individual must be willing and motivated to make changes in their own life. Additionally, and according to the research and our own clinical experiences, it is well understood that there are many variables that lead one to offend sexually. Thus, when it comes to the treatment of any problem, we understand the individual needs to feel and believe that they are respected as a person and not judged for their behaviors, no matter how heinous. In so doing, we take a person first approach when providing treatment to our clients. That is, we treat all of our clients with the respect and sensitivity deserved to all people who come to treatment seeking help for their problems. In so doing, we value and see the great importance of holding and teaching our clients accountability and responsibility for their actions as they explore and come to understand the various reasons for their sexually harmful behaviors. In addition, we encourage and assist our clients to seek alternative choices in efforts to live a more positive and healthy life style.

    As a client, your treatment may include one-on-one counseling sessions, individualized workbooks, and you may be invited or requested to join an ongoing weekly Supervised  Community Treatment Group, which offers a supportive environment to additionally reach your goals.

    Judicial System Involvement

    Our practice is currently licensed (2020) for treatment of Sex Offender Services in Cumberland County, ME as well as with U.S. Probation; Pretrial Services.

    For judicial purposes, the treatment approach and model used to address the possible problem sexual behaviors is the Good lives Model (GLM; Ward; Gannon, 2006; Ward; Stewart, 2003; Yates, Prescott,; Ward, 2010). The GLM has become increasingly popular in treatment programs, having originally emerged from programs treating people
    with histories of sexual aggression (McGrath, Cumming, Burchard, Zeoli,; Ellerby, 2010). It is currently in use in
    diverse jurisdictions around the world. The GLM is a strengths-based approach to offender rehabilitation that
    augments the risk, need, and responsivity principles of effective correctional intervention (RNR; Andrews;
    Bonta, 2010) through its focus on assisting clients to develop and implement meaningful life plans that are
    incompatible with offending. Preliminary research suggests that the GLM can enhance client engagement in
    treatment and reduce dropouts from programs (e.g., Simons, McCullar,; Tyler, 2006), a factor well-known to be
    associated with higher recidivism rates (Hanson, et al., 2002; Olver, Stockdale,; Wormith, 2011).


    If you are an attorney seeking a risk assessment or clinical sexual behavior advice, please contact us.